December 1, 2018

Car Hacks: Part 2

Here are some quick tips and tricks for your vehicle:

  1. Look at the gas gauge.

Who has driven someone else’s car and needed to get gas? Who has done it…. You pull up to the tank on the wrong side…. I’m guessing most of us!  Did you know that most gas gauges have a small arrow to the left or right indicating which side the gas tank is on?  This saves on the embarrassment of pulling up to the wrong side at the gas station!

  1. Use a tennis ball to help park in the garage

Sometimes the parking space in your garage can be very small.  You can suspend a tennis ball that is attached to a string to the ceiling, it will hit your windshield when you have pulled in far enough, is a great way to make parking in the garage easy every time.

  1. Keep Food warm with your seat warmer

Although it might not be the best car hack…it is a great hack to keep your food warm!  Have a little drive home from picking up the pizza? Turn on the seat warmer and serve your family warm pizza!

  1. Pool Noodles!

Cut a pool noodle in half and attach to the garage wall so that you can protect the door edge of your vehicle from hitting the wall.   The door will hit the soft pool noodle instead of the garage wall.

  1. Broken Windshield Wiper?

In a pinch you can tightly wrap panty hose around the broken metal blade to have functional windshield wipers.  It will get you through until you can purchase new wipers.

Mandi Oliver

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