AutoSmart Vehicle Sales
and Auto Appearance Services

Professional Auto Detailing
Are you looking for professional auto detailing in Oswego? Then look no further,  since AutoSmart is Oswego’s one stop shop for all of your auto appearance needs. Regular auto detailing from AutoSmart will keep your vehicle’s finish well protected, looking great, and will also increase its value. 

Automotive Window Tinting
Automotive tinting adds visual enhancement, along with protection for the occupants and the vehicle’s interior. Applying tint film to your car’s windows will help keep it cooler in the hot sun, offer a level of comfort, privacy, and help to protect the interior from fading and deterioration by filtering out all the harmful ultraviolet light. All the films we carry block 99%+ of ultraviolet light, helping slow down your vehicle’s aging process, while offering different levels of shading and heat rejection.

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film
XPEL’s Ultimate Paint Protection Film combines best-in-class durability and clarity not previously available in the market. With its very low surface energy, XPEL ULTIMATE sheds contaminants that would otherwise stain or yellow conventional films. In addition, the clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that “heal” over time eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches without having to do anything.

Paintless Dent Removal
Dents and dings are unavoidable… But now with paintless dent removal (PDR) from Autosmart, you don’t have to live with those ugly dents and dings! For those who desire only the best service, our Paintless Dent Repair technicians are the ideal solution in the Oswego, IL area. Find a door ding or a shopping cart dent on your vehicle? Don’t get angry – have it removed with paintless dent repair for a fraction of the cost of a body shop while maintaining the original factory finish.

Paintless Hail Damage Removal Services
Hail damage on can be a hassle and a costly situation for any vehicle owner, so let our professional team of skilled technicians at AutoSmart work to relieve that stress. AutoSmart’s technicians will work quickly and efficiently to repair your vehicle back to its original condition using the latest PDR tools – leaving no trace of the hail damage.

New or Pre-owned Vehicle Purchasing Service
If you don’t find the vehicle that you’re looking for at our dealership, please let us know and we’ll locate it for you. We are highly skilled at helping our clients choose the right vehicle; whether it’s an entire fleet of vans for your business, or a safe and reliable car. We’ll locate your vehicle and negotiate with the automobile dealer, arrange for inspections, and oversee the entire vehicle purchase transaction. 

Vehicle Consignment Service
We offer the best vehicle consignment service in the area. Upon consignment, we’ll inspect your vehicle and advise you if the vehicle requires any repairs or cosmetic work to improve its value. We’ll conduct a market value analysis of your vehicle, and recommend a sale price.