Vehicle Consignment in Oswego IL

We offer the best vehicle consignment service in the area. Upon consignment of your motorcycle,  car, truck, or SUV, we’ll inspect your vehicle, and advise you if it requires any repairs or cosmetic work to improve its value. We’ll conduct a market value analysis of your vehicle, and recommend a sale price.

We remove the hassle, frustration, ineffective and wasted advertising expenses, along with the time consuming distractions associated with selling your vehicle by yourself. By consigning your vehicle with us, you won’t be bothered with irritating, untimely, and bothersome phone calls from potential buyers, or having unknown strangers visiting your residence to see your vehicle.

We’ll manage all of the advertising that we’ll place in our numerous print and online resources. We’ll have all of the interactions with the prospective buyers, answer any questions about the vehicle’s history, and perform as your agent in the negotiating process, thus ensuring that we sell it for the highest price that’s acceptable to you. We take great pride in our consignment program, so contact us today for more information.

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