November 3, 2018

Part 1: Car Hacks

Here are some quick tips and tricks for your vehicle:

  1.  Find your car anywhere- take a picture of it!

We’ve all been there, a long day of shopping, or a day at the ball park, or even just grocery shopping, and you can’t remember where you parked!  Most of us have cameras on our cell phones now…snap a picture of nearby landmarks, so that you don’t have to remember after your long day!

  1. Put your car key fob on your chin to increase range.

Strange, but true!  Yes, you might look funny doing this, but the fluids in your head increase the range of the car retrieval signal, acting as a conductor!

  1. De-ice a lock with hand sanitizer

Have you ever been locked out of your car, by a pesky frozen lock?  Water-less hand sanitizer does more than keep germs away, it has a heavy alcohol content that can also break down the ice, cutting down time and frostbite!

  1. Fix cracks and scratches with nail polish

Nail polish can be the fix-all for your paint and glass needs for your vehicle.  Will it look perfect, no…but it can save the paint and glass.  Put clear polish on a crack in your windshield to slow the crack!  You can even put clear polish on a small dent to prevent it from rusting.  Use a colored polish as a paint retouch! Vehicle paint and Nail polish are very similar in nature!

  1. Use toothpaste to shine your headlights.

Toothpaste smeared on a soft cloth, applied to your headlights, will have them looking like new in minutes!  Such a cheap and easy fix!

Stay tuned next month for part 2 of tips and tricks!!!!

Mandi Oliver

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