Are you ready for some Football?

As summer reaches to an end, and the heat turns into a cool fall breeze, we all know that means it is…Football Season!  And the art of tailgating begins.  If you are like me, the best part of football is getting to the game and tailgating.  Have you ever considered though, that some vehicles are just better than others for this?  Have you ever tried to cram all of your friends into a 4 door sedan, with the grill, and cooler?  It’s not so fun!  So today, we’re going to take a look at some of our vehicles that are great for the football and tailgating season:

  1. 2006 Ford Expedition- This is a great vehicle for those college students that would like an expensive vehicle that is roomy, and in good shape.  Did I mention that there is a great trunk area perfect for the grill and cooler?  Throw those books in the back seat, pick up your buddies, and go to your favorite game, but stop off at the parking lot first!


  1. 2012 Ford Escape- Not only is this a perfect family vehicle, but this also is a caravan for the kiddos, or sports equipment, or a perfect tailgating vehicle. The back door opens upward which allows for perfect comfort when watching the kid’s soccer game.


  1. But please don’t forget about the 1963 Ford Galaxie. This is the perfect vehicle to attract attention all day!  It is a beautiful red, and very spacious.  You would be the envy of any neighborhood, driving this around.


So when the fall hits, and there is a breeze in your hair, just think how much more fun you’d have if you purchased your next vehicle from AutoSmart. Please consider letting us be your tailgating headquarters when purchasing your next vehicle!


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Mandi Oliver

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