February 14, 2018

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution… For Your Vehicle!!


By this time of year, we have probably all started (and stopped) our New Year’s resolutions already. Whether it be weight loss, or saving money we can lose track so easily. Something we can always strive for is to take better care of our vehicles. Here is an important and EASY list to take better care of your vehicle this year:

1. Routine Car washes- This is very important especially with all the winter salt in the Midwest. We always recommend using a touch-less car wash, if possible. And make sure to get a car wash that cleans the undercarriage.

2. Wipe down the inside every time you get in the vehicle. This might take you 20 seconds, but will make a world of difference. Keep a small trash can in your vehicle, to clean up the excess trash. Also keep an organizer for sunglasses, rags, loose change, perfume, hand sanitizer, tire pressure gauge, etc. This will keep your cleaning products out of the way, but easily accessible.

3. Make sure to routinely check your tire pressure. With the tire pressure gauge in your organizer, it should be handy anytime you need to check the tire pressure.

4. Listen to your car-Be proactive, when you hear noises, don’t let it go! This could cause you to end up spending more money in the long run. Find a mechanic that you trust and take in your vehicle any time you hear a strange noise.

5. Routine oil changes & service- Make sure that you get routine oil changes. Every 3 months, or 3,000 miles. Also make sure to take your car in for a bi-annual tune-up. Make sure that everything is running smoothly, to keep your vehicle lasting a long time.

6. Keep your fluids topped off- In Illinois, we can face the most extreme weather in one day. Make sure that those fluids are topped off to prevent salt buildup and protect against empty fluids.

Let’s all make this resolution stick!

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Mandi Oliver

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